Litter attendant attachment options

Our standard set up has the attendant attached using two ascenders and tied in to the end of the rescue line with 2.5m of rope for mobility (see diagrams linked below). The attendant can position him/herself above, below or beside the patient. This set-up can be used whether the litter is hauled horizontally or vertically (to go through a small hole for example).

For regular horizontal hauls the litter attendant can choose to IN-RIDE or OUT-RIDE. Our standard litter attendant set up will adapt to either method without modification. For standard vertical hauls we will tend to use IN-RIDING.


Diagram of IN-RIDING set up

better for monitoring of patient due to position of rescuer above patient.
easier to keep litter off the cliff on vertical or overhanging hauls
more comfortable for attendant on vertical or overhung hauls
makes topping out easy as the attendant can simply climb off the top of the rig first.

not practical on less-than-vertical lifts/lowers
requires care not to kick patient when entering/exiting

Note: requires a longer litter bridle than our group trains with – although police and SCAT have long bridles.


Diagram of OUT-RIDING set up

Good for less-than-vertical hauls/lowers
Can be used with a short litter bridle if that is all that’s available.

harder to monitor patient
more physical effort required to keep litter off the rockface during vertical hauls.

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