New Scenario Mass Casualty Response, IFRC 14


There is a jobsite bus that is returning from downtown area that has six jobsite workers and one wife and small child on the bus. The bus has been to the football competition in downtown where PTBC Football Team has just won the competition. Citizens in the community are all excited and out in the road cheering between downtown and jobsite as the team and spectators return home.

The bus rounds a sharp curve in the road where it meets a motorcycle driver in the middle of the road. The bus driver swerves to miss the motorcycle in the road and hits another motorcycle driver and his passenger on the side of the road, and then run over an embankment and where the bus catches fire once it impact the small ravine bottom.

There is a small fire and two of the bus occupants put the fire out with three portable fire extinguishers. The fire was confined to the engine area; however, two of the bus occupants are burned while putting out the fire. Heavy smoke filled the bus initially; however, once the First Responders arrive the fire is out and the smoke has cleared. All the occupants of the bus are chocking from the acrid smoke that had filled the passenger compartment on the  bus


1st Pt—

•Motorcycle Driver- Lying prone position with head turned to the right side. Laceration to the forehead and lower left leg is server angulated. VS. Decreased Level of Consciousness ( LOC ) BP 140/90  P 122 R 26  Skin Temp Warm Moist  Skin Color Cherry Red

2nd Pt—

•Motorcycle Passenger—- Lying-in supine position. No movement at all. Patient is unconscious VS. BP 110/86   P  68 R  12  Skin Temp Cool  Skin Color Pale

3rd Pt—

•Bus Driver —– Pt is sitting up in driver seat with severely angulated neck, VS. BP 0 P 0 R 0  Skin Temp Cool  Skin Color Cyanotic

4th Pt—

•Bus Occupant–Standing in road with burned arm and hands. Partial thickness burn covers both hands. Pt is coughing forcefully.  VS.  BP 136/88  P 130  R 26  Skin Temp Warm  Skin Color Pink

5th Pt—

•Bus Occupant –Standing in road with burned both hands. Full thickness burn covers both hands. VS.  BP 130/90  P 136 R  28  Skin Temp Warm/Moist  Skin Color Red

6th Pt—

•Bus Occupant (Wife)– Lying on ground face covered in blood with head wound. Pt is conscious but confused and combative. Has pain in right upper arm with angulations of right arm at the elbow. Pt is coughing forcefully VS.  BP 140/90 P 85 R 36  Skin Temp Warm Skin Color Red

7th Pt—

•Bus Occupant (Small Child) –Sitting on the bank with no obvious sign of injuries only coughing forcefully VS. BP 100/sys P 100 R 28 Skin Temp Warm Skin Color Cherry Red

8th Pt—

•Bus Occupant– Lying in ravine with pain in lower legs. Patient has no feeling in his feet when ask to wiggle his toes coughing forcefully. VS. BP 100/80 P 95 R 24 Skin Temp Warm  Skin Color Red

9th Pt—

•Bus Occupant—Sitting on bank coughing forcefully. Sever pain on respirations in the left side of chest. Bruising in chest area with pain on palpation.  VS.  BP 100/70  P 132 R 38 and labored  Skin Temp Cool Moist Skin Color Pale

10th Pt—

•Bus Occupant—Elderly Man sitting in bus with extreme chest pain. Patient tells crew he has taken three nitroglycerins with no relief. He has head wound with bleeding on right cheek. Patient is coughing forcefully and has trouble catching his breath he says.  VS. BP 88/40   Pulse 45 Irregular  R 36  Skin Temp Cool Moist  Skin Color Cyanotic


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